Providence Homeowners Association
2660 NE Hwy 20, Suite 610-358
Bend OR 97701, email:
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Providence subdivision is located on the east side of Bend, Oregon and is overseen by the Providence Homeowners Association.  Providence mission Statement is "Good neighbors working together to protect and preserve our quality of life and property values."

If you have any concerns or questions about any CCR issue, please let us know by submitting your concern or request in writing.  The Board can only act on concerns if the request is in writing.  Use the above contact information for submitting your concern.

Click here for notes taken at the 10/24/2016 Bylaws Revisions HOA Meeting held @ Bend Library Eastside

Click Here for notes taken at the 11/09/2016  Bylaws Revisions HOA Meeting held @ Bend Library Eastside

Click here for the link for the new Providence CC&R's Deadline for comments have been extended to January 9, 2017

Voting has been delayed due to homeowners asking for more time.  A postcard will be mailed out once all comments have been reviewed  by lawyer and document updated.

Click here for the 2016 Profit and Loss Report      Click here for the 2017 Budget

After each snowfall, the Bend City Code calls for snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks bordering the owner’s lot within one day of the storm.  It would be helpful if residents cleared their sidewalks as soon as possible to benefit those walking to the bus stop, getting mail, or taking walks.
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