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Providence subdivision is located on the east side of Bend, Oregon and is overseen by the Providence Homeowners Association.  Providence mission Statement is "Good neighbors working together to protect and preserve our quality of life and property values."

If you have any concerns or questions about any CCR issue, please let us know by submitting your concern or request in writing.  The Board can only act on concerns if the request is in writing.  Use the above contact information for submitting your concern.

Providence Neighborhood Annual Garage Sale will be on 

Sat, Aug 26, 2017

8am til 2pm

Advertisements will be placed in the Bulletin and on Craigslist. Just have your items ready to sell out by 8am.   If you’d like to feature an item(s),  please just email me the info along with your address and I will make sure to include it in the ad.



The link to the proposed changes to the Providence Homeowners
Association Governing Documents can be found via our website  at

Click here for notes taken at the 10/24/2016 Bylaws Revisions HOA Meeting held @ Bend Library Eastside

Click Here for notes taken at the 11/09/2016  Bylaws Revisions HOA Meeting held @ Bend Library Eastside

Click here for the link for document comparison and latest version of the new Providence CC&R's Deadline for comments have been extended to January 9, 2017

Click here for the 2016 Profit and Loss Report      Click here for the 2017 Budget

Please attend an open Q&A meeting and voting will be available with attorney present, February 6, 2017 6pm at the Central Oregon Collective located at 62070 27th St., Bend OR 97701 by Wilco and Schlotzsky Deli.  We have received many emails in the eleventh hour due to the changes in the governing documents.

 In an attempt to address as many questions as possible, this message contains answers to questions asked by the majority of homeowners.

1) A Profit and Loss statement has been posted on Providence's website. In order for this information to be posted, it had to be reviewed and Board approved which was completed on Monday January 16, 2017 at the monthly Board meeting. 

2) The majority of changes to the current Providence HOA CC&R's and Bylaws were to bring them up to date with current laws and modern day concerns and expectations.  

3) This is a complete rewrite to ensure the correct language is used. This changes the format of the documents which means a side by side comparison is not available. However, a mark up will be provided for comparison of the old vs. the new documents. 

4) The voting (to pass these new Bylaws and CC&Rs) via secure internet link or mail has been delayed due to numerous requests from homeowners asking for more time to review the documents. 

5) The initial draft which was reviewed at both the October and November meetings is posted to the site: nt/uploads/Providence-Subdivis ion-HOA-Proposed-Governing-Doc uments-V.2.pdf.  

Now, to address the questions regarding the budget and the special assessment seen on statements mailed out:

a) The high costs of landscaping in 2016 was due to a delayed invoice for 2014, 2015 and part of 2016 from the previous Landscape Company. The new budget reflects the true estimated costs by our new maintenance company. 

b) Due to accidental insurance claims filed by individuals, our liability insurance costs have increased significantly this year. The Board members are actively seeking quotes from various insurance companies to ensure competitiveness. We cannot afford to lose this insurance, as claims could then fall on the homeowners themselves.

c) Another increase in our budget is the added cost of HOA management services. It is unreasonable to expect volunteers to manage an association of this size. The time involved is substantial and we are lucky to find a company this not only reasonably priced, but also reduced fees when funds were low, but still completed the same administrative duties. This service ensures compliance of the CC&Rs so that our neighborhood functions with a cohesive look, property value and communication. 

d) The increase in these costs has reduced our reserve account over the last year, which was needed to ensure the continuance of our association. We now need to replenish that account and operate at a consistent budget.  An increase in annual HOA dues is the only reasonable way to do so. 

e) In the 20 years since the Providence Association was formed, the fees have only increased annually by 3%.

f) The special assessment will bring the Homeowner's dues to the amount that should have been applied over the last 18 years, but this will catch up the budget and allow for the current operating expenses to be covered. The current annual dues cannot sustain the management costs. This is why we are asking for dues to be raised to the $140.98 this year (it's a special assessment that can be authorized by the Board as stated in the current bylaws) until it can be solidified to become the actual assessed annual homeowner's dues in the future.

g) The new CC&R's and Bylaws will help us control the increases in dues per year and regulate costs, so thank you for voting and keeping it in existence. 

h) This process to change the governing documents has been in progress since this time last year. The survey sent out was used as an outline for these changes. Our annual meeting in May helps us take into consideration what you are looking for in your HOA and keep us connected and informed of impending changes of costs, services, offerings and laws. 

i) At the Board meeting on May 12, 2016, we asked for volunteers to assist in making these change and form committees and had little response. We also discussed the potential changes in both the October and November meetings at the East side library. In total at all three meetings, we had approximately 35 homeowners in attendance. We cannot achieve growth and success in changing anything if we cannot get active participation and votes. 

j) It takes time for changes and the Board is comprised of volunteers who have lives and can only volunteer a certain amount of time. Each Board member attends numerous meetings and addresses correspondence in concern to the HOA and works directly with the management company who connects with residents. 

k) Should the Board members step down and not enough volunteers step up, then the court will appoint a receiver and likely, a more expensive management company will take over without regard to it's homeowners and history. If you think our dues are unreasonable, consider what they could be if this was to occur.

l) There is going be a meeting to answer these and any other questions from homeowners. Attorney Kevin Harker will be in attendance to address questions regarding the law and our Bylaws and CC&Rs rewrite AND there will be voting on site to make those changes. Voting will still be available electronically. A notice for this meeting will be sent out as soon as a date is secured. We need over 185 votes to move forward with operations.

After each snowfall, the Bend City Code calls for snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks bordering the owner’s lot within one day of the storm.  It would be helpful if residents cleared their sidewalks as soon as possible to benefit those walking to the bus stop, getting mail, or taking walks.
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